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DEATA provides predictive data analytics powered by machine learning. Our analytical solutions provide businesses with actionable insights into their data enabling better business decisions.


Data analytics is the art of extracting value from large and varied datasets of varying size — often with a temporal dimension. Through data analytics, researchers and business owners are able to make better and more informed decisions using insights from information that was previously inaccessible or unusable.


Predictive analytics adds a dimension to classic “retrospective” data analytics. Predictive analytics is prospective in that it uses existing data to forecast future outcomes. These kind of “prospective” analytics improve strategic decisions by incorporating future events into the decision making process at this moment.


By combining data with business rules, prescriptive consulting can suggest decision options by using the insights of classic and predictive analytics. It goes beyond predicting future outcomes by also providing actionable advice and showing the implications of each decision option.

Prescriptive analytics continually takes in new data to re-predict and re-prescribe, thereby automatically improving prediction accuracy and prescribing better decision options.

Our ambition

The ultimate goal of DEATA is to provide a business owner with an intelligent system that suggests a menu of decision options, based on the current and predicted states of the business.

ePOS Analytics

DEATA provides business owners with actionable insights and forecasts for their day-to-day business decisions.

We focus on businesses with electronic point-of-sale (ePOS) systems with open API access.

DEATA provides businesses with a way to turn their vast data into a source of value by uniquely adding advanced predictive analytics to the more classic “state-of-affairs” data analytics. This allows business owners to better anticipate future events, make better decisions and thereby gain a powerful competitive advantage.



  • Helps you to make better manage stock, supply and staffing decisions by providing sales and demand forecasts using machine learning algorithms optimized for your business.
  • Provides you with actionable insights into your business as a whole: finding untapped revenue and profit potential.
  • Helps you get an insight into potential and returning customers.
  • Assesses the effectivity of promotional activities.
  • This list continually grows.


Industry Solutions

Timing decisions concerning supply and demand affect producers and distributors even more so than small businesses. For these cases DEATA provides tailor made solutions, regardless of the information system your company uses.

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